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 Setsuna Chen

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Setsuna Chen

Setsuna Chen

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PostSubject: Setsuna Chen   Setsuna Chen I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2012 11:06 pm

Basic Information
Name: Setsuna Chen
Age: Appears:19 - Actual Age: 100,000
Gender: Male
Division: 12 Division
Looks: Setsuna Chen 227471-mayuri_kurotsuchi_large
Rank Captain/Head of Research Department

Techniques (Optional, but good to have)
Name: (Name of your tech)
Description: (What your tech is, and what it does)

Zanpaktou Information
Zanpaktou Name: Renji
Zanpakutou Appearence
Pic is a little big:
Shikai Appearence:
Shikai Ability:
  • Noroi Han (Curse Seal) - The place where I cut become paralyzed.

Bankai Appearence:
Bankai Ability: The bankai increase Setsuna's speed to 400,000mph.
Zanpaktou Release Phrase: Freeze

Choose one of the following for each. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
Kido/Ginto: Advanced
Zanjutsu/Marksmanship: Intermediate
Hoho: Advanced

Background and Personality
History He joined the Gotei 13 around 20,000 years ago. Approximately 110 years ago the 12th Division captain, Kisana was promoted to the Royal Guard. As a result, Jun recommended Urahara as her replacement. Setsuna was told of this by Jun after a drinking session. After successfully passing his exam, he became the captain of the 12th Division. Later that day, Setsuna formally introduced himself to the 12th Division. He encountered some resistance from them at first but earned their respect over time, his team is without a lieutenant. Leaving the team to suck up to try to earn this position.

Personality Although usually seen as a laid-back, jovial and eccentric fellow, Setsuna also shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it. He commonly uses idle conversation and outward concern as an act of distracting his opponents. Despite his care-free attitude, he always speaks politely, but is sometimes sarcastic. He once described himself as a "mere honest, handsome, perverted man."

Role-play Sample:Setsuna walked in the barracks silent, the soul reapers were at their barracks resting for the night. He sat down at his desk a Quincy body laying there, a little flat table with dissection tools next to it. He had papers and open books scattered across his tables, reaching over he grasped the scalpel in his right hand before returning it to the table and grabbing the needle. He stuck the needle into the right arm of the Quincy body, drawing the blood from him. Several hours past and Setsuna had finished diagnosing the Quincy and documenting the possible abilities and powers they possessed, adding to the research done by the previous captains.

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PostSubject: Re: Setsuna Chen   Setsuna Chen I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 19, 2012 1:01 am

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Setsuna Chen
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